Upholstered furniture without stains? It is easy!

Removing stains from upholstered furniture, upholstered furniture can be considered one of the most important components of the interior, because it is an indicator of taste, style and even the status of the owner. It is therefore extremely important that this furniture does not lose its attractive appearance and lasts many years.

It is important to arm the right information before you start to take care of their acquisition: each upholstery fabric has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Better to clarify how best to clean it, whether it is resistant to wear. As a rule, the most expensive materials often are only designed for dry-cleaned.

Removing stains from upholstered furniture

In the care needs any furniture – from the sofa to the ottoman. It is advisable to regularly handle it with a vacuum cleaner with a special tip, patches planted on the upholstery, you need to remove immediately. The longer you do not pay attention to the stain, the more difficult it will be to clean.

Stain removal should only be done with the help of special cleaners and tools created for a specific type of upholstery. In this case very carefully to relate to for carpet cleaners – they act more rapidly and can cause irreparable harm. Before using the tool on the entire surface of furniture, try it out on a small section of its upholstery.

Removing stains from upholstered furniture

Simple rules for the care of upholstered furniture

  • Upholstery fabrics and blankets washed in the washing machine is undesirable, even if the manufacturer is not prohibited. Many fabrics have unpleasant feature – shrink in contact with detergent or if you select the wrong temperature. In addition, if the product is not very high quality, cases may shed, disrupting the structure of the tissue. Not sure of the quality of the product? – Better to turn to the dry cleaners.
  • Not recommended vacuuming upholstery often sofas and other upholstered furniture, because the vacuum cleaner can suck not only dust particles but microvilli. As a consequence, the quality of the fabric is much worse.
  • Newly acquired stain remover and try it out on a small inconspicuous area of the fabric or material are first on the thin cloth upholstery. Stain removal should be done by one means – do not mix multiple stain removers.
  • Once you are dealt a means for the material, let alone upholstery to dry – do not dry her hair dryer, or risk getting bald spots on this site. Allowed easy handling plot on which it was slick, dry cloth.
  • From what contaminated furniture, depends on the way to remove stains. Very popular folk disposal methods. For example, a spot of tea or coffee can be removed with soap and stains from wine – salt. If upholstery stuck chewing gum, apply to this section piece of ice: gum hardens, and you can easily remove it.

Stains can be removed with warm water and soap or detergent, do not use chlorine-containing agents and stain removers based on oil products. Grease and oil stains can also be removed with a solution of soap and vinegar, as well as the sweet spot on and jam. Before removing surface stains sofa to be treated with a vacuum cleaner.

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