Professional cleaning of furniture

A distinctive feature of the professional cleaning of furniture is that it is carried out in several stages. This allows you to gently remove all kinds of dirt.

To begin with furniture treated with dry vacuuming, doing the vacuum cleaning. This procedure can be compared with the dry cleaning, which ideally should always be preceded by a wet cleaning and remove those contaminants that can be eliminated without using a liquid.

But after such a dry cleaning professionals do not go straight to the wet. Before use of various liquid chemical compounds conducted thorough research on the subject of furniture, which is a means for cleaning furniture applicable in each case.

It was only after studying the type of upholstery will begin immediately cleaning upholstered furniture, or rather its main stage, which is to apply the cleaning solution and surface treatment upholstery brush. Such furniture cleaning removes not only stains and dirt, but also all kinds of smells that eventually eats into furniture.

Deleted cleaners furniture with pollution as a professional way – using a special extractor vodopylesosa.

Usually after a professional cleaning upholstered furniture to start using it, you can somewhere in 9-12 hours. Drying time depends on several factors: temperature, air flow through the room, the humidity level. But the drying period furniture can be accelerated, and this is done by mechanical drying.

Of course, professional cleaning of furniture – a fast and effective procedure frees a lot of time. But what if, for whatever reason, a professional cleaning of upholstered furniture is not available? And is it necessary to resort to the help of professionals each time on the furniture will be even very small amount of contamination? As we have said, in such cases there is an alternative simplified version – cleaning furniture at home. Find out what’s what, and to purge furniture though not professionally, but at a very decent level, will help women’s magazine Charla.

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