Cleaning furniture at home

In principle, at home by their own efforts can be more or less repeat all the steps of cleaning upholstered furniture, which are used by professionals. The same dry cleaning can be accomplished using a conventional vacuum cleaner (by the way, regular dry cleaning is a very useful).

If the upholstery is not suspicious and can be safely handled, the wet cleaning of upholstered furniture is admissible if it does not hurt the frame or intermediate materials, which is located between the frame and the upholstery and furniture provides softness.

The choice of furniture cleaning must necessarily include testing phase, which is to apply such funds on a cotton pad and processing them to the surface, invisible to prying eyes. If the interior did not change its properties after this treatment, you can begin to use the tested cleaners furniture on the main surface.

In general, the wet cleaning soft furniture can hold and using improvised assets – ordinary sheet and vinegar. Add a little vinegar to the water, and soak it in sheets. Then put the sheets on the furniture to be cleaned, and use a regular beater tap on it.

The most common cause for the words “it is time to change the furniture” are dark areas on the upholstery in locations that were used more often than others. But we should not rush into buying new furniture, and even more so do not need to “reinvent the wheel”, using exclusive-interesting ways to get rid of dark spots. To get started, try to treat areas of furniture with warm soapy water, soak them dry towels and dry iron over the cloth.

If we are talking about a different kind of pollution, for example, fresh stains, the success of furniture cleaning in this case, 80% is a prompt response. Immediately apply to the stain dry clean cloth, and then depending on the circumstances: perhaps no other action is not necessary.

But this rule is if you need to get rid of fresh stains. And what to do with dried and stuffy? Of course, to remove such stains more difficult, but it is real. Cleaning upholstery in this case must begin with a spot treatment with a 10% alcohol solution, and completes processing a small amount of warm water.

Cleaning leather furniture has its own characteristics. Sofas and armchairs Leather not processed soap or other chemical solutions. They just gently wipe with a damp cloth. If your plans still include more global leather furniture cleaning, then wipe the surface with a woolen cloth dipped in beaten egg whites. This will give the furniture shine and fresh look.

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