Rubbish clearance and how to find it in London

Finding good junk removal services in London is an easy task. Maybe many of you want to know exactly how to find them and you will find the answer to this question in this article.

So, the London rubbish clearance is a service that can help you to get rid of all the unwanted and unused items in your garden, loft, garage, office and home. Get a cheap quote today for junk removal service! Continue reading

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Upholstered furniture without stains? It is easy!

Removing stains from upholstered furniture, upholstered furniture can be considered one of the most important components of the interior, because it is an indicator of taste, style and even the status of the owner. It is therefore extremely important that this furniture does not lose its attractive appearance and lasts many years.

It is important to arm the right information before you start to take care of their acquisition: each upholstery fabric has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Better to clarify how best to clean it, whether it is resistant to wear. As a rule, the most expensive materials often are only designed for dry-cleaned.

Removing stains from upholstered furniture

In the care needs any furniture – from the sofa to the ottoman. It is advisable to regularly handle it with a vacuum cleaner with a special tip, patches planted on the upholstery, you need to remove immediately. The longer you do not pay attention to the stain, the more difficult it will be to clean.

Stain removal should only be done with the help of special cleaners and tools created for a specific type of upholstery. In this case very carefully to relate to for carpet cleaners – they act more rapidly and can cause irreparable harm. Before using the tool on the entire surface of furniture, try it out on a small section of its upholstery.

Removing stains from upholstered furniture

Simple rules for the care of upholstered furniture

  • Upholstery fabrics and blankets washed in the washing machine is undesirable, even if the manufacturer is not prohibited. Many fabrics have unpleasant feature – shrink in contact with detergent or if you select the wrong temperature. In addition, if the product is not very high quality, cases may shed, disrupting the structure of the tissue. Not sure of the quality of the product? – Better to turn to the dry cleaners.
  • Not recommended vacuuming upholstery often sofas and other upholstered furniture, because the vacuum cleaner can suck not only dust particles but microvilli. As a consequence, the quality of the fabric is much worse.
  • Newly acquired stain remover and try it out on a small inconspicuous area of the fabric or material are first on the thin cloth upholstery. Stain removal should be done by one means – do not mix multiple stain removers.
  • Once you are dealt a means for the material, let alone upholstery to dry – do not dry her hair dryer, or risk getting bald spots on this site. Allowed easy handling plot on which it was slick, dry cloth.
  • From what contaminated furniture, depends on the way to remove stains. Very popular folk disposal methods. For example, a spot of tea or coffee can be removed with soap and stains from wine – salt. If upholstery stuck chewing gum, apply to this section piece of ice: gum hardens, and you can easily remove it.

Stains can be removed with warm water and soap or detergent, do not use chlorine-containing agents and stain removers based on oil products. Grease and oil stains can also be removed with a solution of soap and vinegar, as well as the sweet spot on and jam. Before removing surface stains sofa to be treated with a vacuum cleaner.

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Professional cleaning of furniture

A distinctive feature of the professional cleaning of furniture is that it is carried out in several stages. This allows you to gently remove all kinds of dirt.

To begin with furniture treated with dry vacuuming, doing the vacuum cleaning. This procedure can be compared with the dry cleaning, which ideally should always be preceded by a wet cleaning and remove those contaminants that can be eliminated without using a liquid.

But after such a dry cleaning professionals do not go straight to the wet. Before use of various liquid chemical compounds conducted thorough research on the subject of furniture, which is a means for cleaning furniture applicable in each case.

It was only after studying the type of upholstery will begin immediately cleaning upholstered furniture, or rather its main stage, which is to apply the cleaning solution and surface treatment upholstery brush. Such furniture cleaning removes not only stains and dirt, but also all kinds of smells that eventually eats into furniture.

Deleted cleaners furniture with pollution as a professional way – using a special extractor vodopylesosa.

Usually after a professional cleaning upholstered furniture to start using it, you can somewhere in 9-12 hours. Drying time depends on several factors: temperature, air flow through the room, the humidity level. But the drying period furniture can be accelerated, and this is done by mechanical drying.

Of course, professional cleaning of furniture – a fast and effective procedure frees a lot of time. But what if, for whatever reason, a professional cleaning of upholstered furniture is not available? And is it necessary to resort to the help of professionals each time on the furniture will be even very small amount of contamination? As we have said, in such cases there is an alternative simplified version – cleaning furniture at home. Find out what’s what, and to purge furniture though not professionally, but at a very decent level, will help women’s magazine Charla.

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Cleaning furniture at home

In principle, at home by their own efforts can be more or less repeat all the steps of cleaning upholstered furniture, which are used by professionals. The same dry cleaning can be accomplished using a conventional vacuum cleaner (by the way, regular dry cleaning is a very useful).

If the upholstery is not suspicious and can be safely handled, the wet cleaning of upholstered furniture is admissible if it does not hurt the frame or intermediate materials, which is located between the frame and the upholstery and furniture provides softness.

The choice of furniture cleaning must necessarily include testing phase, which is to apply such funds on a cotton pad and processing them to the surface, invisible to prying eyes. If the interior did not change its properties after this treatment, you can begin to use the tested cleaners furniture on the main surface.

In general, the wet cleaning soft furniture can hold and using improvised assets – ordinary sheet and vinegar. Add a little vinegar to the water, and soak it in sheets. Then put the sheets on the furniture to be cleaned, and use a regular beater tap on it.

The most common cause for the words “it is time to change the furniture” are dark areas on the upholstery in locations that were used more often than others. But we should not rush into buying new furniture, and even more so do not need to “reinvent the wheel”, using exclusive-interesting ways to get rid of dark spots. To get started, try to treat areas of furniture with warm soapy water, soak them dry towels and dry iron over the cloth.

If we are talking about a different kind of pollution, for example, fresh stains, the success of furniture cleaning in this case, 80% is a prompt response. Immediately apply to the stain dry clean cloth, and then depending on the circumstances: perhaps no other action is not necessary.

But this rule is if you need to get rid of fresh stains. And what to do with dried and stuffy? Of course, to remove such stains more difficult, but it is real. Cleaning upholstery in this case must begin with a spot treatment with a 10% alcohol solution, and completes processing a small amount of warm water.

Cleaning leather furniture has its own characteristics. Sofas and armchairs Leather not processed soap or other chemical solutions. They just gently wipe with a damp cloth. If your plans still include more global leather furniture cleaning, then wipe the surface with a woolen cloth dipped in beaten egg whites. This will give the furniture shine and fresh look.

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